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Versant Digital

'Versant Digital' is a service that offers small and medium size businesses (SME's) a brand new way to stay on top of business! By leveraging the latest innovations in collaborative information technology and cloud computing, Versant Digital makes it possible for business owners, their executives and their administrative staff to access up-to-date financial and operational information about their companies online; at any time, from any place. As accountants, Versant's Business Support team benefits from easy and efficient collaboration with our clients, on an ongoing basis.

With an internet connection you can do the following online:

  • Safely record sales, purchases, payments, and all other business transactions
  • Review all entries, customer and supplier balances and general ledger details
  • Complete your bookkeeping in collaboration with the assigned Versant accountant
  • Keep your financial records current and meet reporting deadlines
  • View or print balance sheets, P&L statements and other reports, with a few key strokes
  • Collaborate with colleagues in real time from multiple locations or from wherever they are
  • Access your business intelligence dashboards, showing KPI's in text and graphics
  • Be assured of real-time, "anytime" and ongoing involvement of your accountant

Versant Digital works for you!

Your staff scans and archives invoices, bills and other business correspondence on a daily basis. Next, they make the basic provisional accounting entries in the accounting system. Versant's accountants review the entries online, collaborate with them, make or recommend adjusting entries where necessary and complete the final bookings into the accounting system. You and your authorized staff can access the accounts, view entries, balances and performance data, including your 'business intelligence dashboards'. You can do this any- time and from anywhere. Even if your business already has an industry-specific-server-based application, we can arrange for tailored communication with secure remote access or VPN technology. Versant's team can interact with you and your staff in real time, every day if need be, without the hassle of travel or of sharing files on disks or even in paper boxes. In this way your data is more secure and both you and your accountant stay abreast of the most recent developments in your company. Regularly Versant compiles the company's financial statements and meets with you to discuss them. This also provides the opportunity to share our findings and our recommendations. With this program you stay on top of business and can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Versant Digital is scalable.

No matter the size of your operation or the administrative systems available in-house, we can tailor the program to fit.

Here are some potential benefits of the 'Versant Digital' service:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Zero deployment
  • No accounting software licenses to buy every year
  • No hassle with continuous software upgrades and additional charges
  • No backups to take care of; automatic backup, data protection and recovery
  • Reduced travel time, with faster and more efficient communication
  • Proactive approach to doing business; stay in control
  • Timely up-to-date financials and KPI's
  • Access to financial information at all times, even when travelling
  • Accountants' support and involvement throughout the year instead of after year-end
  • Fixed fees, no unpleasant fluctuations in accounting costs
  • No after-the-fact accounting hassles; no backlogs
  • Possibility of flexible working hours